教程使用软件:After Effects CC
作者:Mark Christiansen


001 Welcome
002 Using the exercise files
003 Why so many tracking options
004 It`s the 21st century - Why point track
005 Effectively track motion
006 Easily select a good track
007 Continue motion offscreen
008 Introducing complex motion tracking
009 Recognize trackable points
010 Plan for a track to be interrupted
011 Easily reset a track that goes astray
012 Adapt to a changing target
013 Offset a tracker
014 Keep position precise and rotation simple
015 Apply the track to a matte
016 Introducing tracking tools
017 Track a mask directly with Tracker2Mask
018 Combine track points with TrackerViz
019 Solve problems with nulls and parenting
020 Introducing tracking and stabilizing
021 Lock an element for roto
022 Reverse stabilize to put roto in motion
023 Point stabilize to put multiple layers in motion
024 Track a plane with mocha AE
025 Introducing automated tracking for VFX
026 Adjust Warp Stabilizer VFX for effects work
027 Reverse stabilize with Warp Stabilizer VFX
028 Solve and adjust with Camera Tracker
029 Apply a 3D track
030 Evaluate Camera Tracker for your shot
031 Import and integrate a third-party 3D track


AE稳定跟踪合成特效学习教程 AE稳定跟踪合成特效学习教程

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